Nathan Hauke

Long gone lonesome

               A saw aches
We set our teeth    against attachments
Corroded as music         (which is our body)
Ragwort   (which is our body)
Reflecting ragwort an answer
Where mirror    breaks up into current


Love what’s gone
Ahead into new noise and affection
Seek ye first the kingdom
And be glad in it, ETC.
Layered reverberations
Of childhood hymns
In dewy webbing near the bank
Fill the hollow of my mouth


A beetle in the screen

Streaked wet leaves with vibrant edges
Move lines through the reflection of a room you stood in
To spread blankets across the floorboards
Raw as cut eyes in a fog of pollen
ECSTASY        the length of a drowned tree
Smoothed by debris of like occasions

Waiting the appropriate amount of time for music = forever
A long 4x4 in the creek bed rotting emerald

Nathan Hauke is the author of Every Living One (Horse Less Press, 2015), In the Marble of Your Animal Eyes (Publication Studio, 2013), and five chapbooks, including most recently Tinder is a Hatchet Job (forthcoming from LRL Textile Series). His poems have been anthologized in Hick Poetics (Lost Roads Press, 2015) and The Arcadia Project: North American Postmodern Pastoral (Ahsahta Press, 2012).