Tim McCoy


rose–wilt        cracked vase        openings
to the snow–grip’s spring–arrest
urge tightening into freeze

openings are dry
making idiot of any thaw’s
too–iced drums

the call’s abandoned
in the widening snow–gestapo’s jurisdiction
of loins


The Last Word

the last word after stopped lips
laboring against sun–eye excess
tiny burn–atrocities pullulate        a second vesuvius
at simple noon

the last word shields its sound against
pores smoking in the sun’s lascivious glare

the last word crosses into aorta currents
to vibrate the heart–cavern finally        making
the reddest pool shine with flashing fish–scale crowns        interrupt
the gaining ash

Tim McCoy holds an MFA from Syracuse University. He’s had work published in EkphrasisStone Canoe, and elsewhere. He lives and teaches in the Syracuse area.