I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve as a guest editor and curator for our special issue devoted to the body, and to have the opportunity to work alongside both Andrew S. Nicholson and Claudia Keelan. 

In 2015, when Interim established a digital presence, it became clear that the magazine should expand its platform to include multimedia work. My background in dance and performance, and my lifelong devotion to poetry urged me to look at poetic works that require the presence of the body.

In this issue, you’ll find work where writing and bodies intersect, as well as work that asks questions about what it means to be a/some/any body in an increasingly dematerialized world. Speaking on behalf of everyone at Interim, I’m happy to present fierce and fearless work from writers and artists from all over the world. I believe all of the work gathered in this issue answer questions regarding Being by challenging and expanding how the body is understood by those alive in this era. We hope you enjoy this issue as much as we do.

Autumn Widdoes


Stone makes no distinction between / a pocket in the river & dried flowers, / between worry & a grave.

2 poems by Rachel J. Bennett

The biopsy of a bus’s broken bones tells the doctors one thing: Someone will be late.

1 poem by Rob Cook

Quantum Brownness

Amauta M. Firmino

He named the hamster Emma, but I swear we were told the hamster was a boy. Did he name Emma “Emma” anyway?

The Anima, a play by S. Brook Corfman

You spend years not paying attention to the way your heart beats, or even that it beats.

2 poems by Linda Dove



Reflections on Liquid, Site, Body, Bottle

Manion Kuhn


Paula Lafuente

Holding or Reaching

 from Dis(re)membered

Blair Simmons

My clammy atmosphere hooks in to punctuation. I remember crayon rubbings of cemetery stones. Footsteps sung by children. Adults speak too neat.

4 poems by Anna Morrison



Laura Mullen, Terri Witek, Cyriaco Lopes

Vestal Virgin Vest

Christine Palamidessi

Petri Dish

Eva Petrič


Diego Cristian Saldaña

I could think of you / as separate from me and simply continue // But you sometimes turn up at my elbow, / or at my knee, and my joints can’t keep up

2 poems by Ariana Turiansky

i & the branches entwined

Naomi Washer

Lucy at Nick Cave's Until

Ronaldo V. Wilson


Guest Editor Autumn Widdoes is a poet, playwright, and theater artist. Her poetry has been published in Magma, White Stag, Helen, Words Dance, and Fourth & Sycamore. She has shown performance work at Dixon Place, Brick Theater, Grace Exhibition Space, Bowery Poetry Club, Galapagos, AUNTS, WAXworks, Movement Research Festival, the &Now Festival of Innovative Art & Literature, The Poetry Cafe, Subterranean Arthouse, Okinawa Christian University, and at the Tampa Museum of Art. She is a member of TASK 沖縄, a performance collective based in Okinawa, Japan. Autumn received her MA in Performance Studies from NYU and her MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.