Chris Haven


2 poems


Poem for the Most Recent Tragedy

How could _____________________ have happened here?
What kind of a _____________________ could _____________________ such a thing.
The _____________________ was heard miles away. People have lost their _____________________.
_____________________ are still being totaled.
Everything will be _____________________. _____________________ is still _____________________ in heaven.
The _____________________ will not win. The church bells will _____________________.
Observe a moment of _____________________. 
This kind of _____________________ has never been seen before.
We have seen the face of _____________________.
The _____________________ will not be ruled by the _____________________.
The _____________________ will not win.
_____________________ shall not prevail.
Nothing can break the _____________________ of America.
We will get to the _____________________ of this.
The _____________________ will not _____________________ justice.
_____________________ will be a new day in America.
The sun will _____________________, people will _____________________ to their _____________________.
We will not be _____________________.


Discussion Questions on the Dead Man, Sophomore Literature

1. What is the main idea of the dead man?
2. Identify and discuss the Christian influences of the dead man.
3. Discuss the code of loyalty in the dead man.
4. What qualities did the people feel a good dead man should possess?
5. How is the dead man certain that he is dead?
6. Discuss the battle between good and evil in the dead man.
7. What is the central conflict of the dead man?
8. Discuss the role of fortune in the dead man’s life. Cite examples.
9. Is the dead man a hero? Why or why not?
10. If the dead man could tell a tale, what tale would he tell?
11. Discuss the role of reputation in the dead man.
12. Discuss the behavior of the dead man in each of his battles.
13. What attitudes and actions lead to the dead man’s downfall? 
14. Is the dead man the most important dead man?
15. Write an obituary for the dead man from the point of view of the dead man.
16. What is the dead man’s favorite part of being dead?
17. If the dead man were a flavor of ice cream, what flavor would he be?
18. Compare and contrast the dead man with your father.
19. What is the best lie you’ve ever told a dead man?
20. Be the dead man. What’s it like?
Defend your answers with examples. Be concise.

Chris Haven has recent and forthcoming poetry in Cincinnati Review, Blackbird, North American Review, Denver Quarterly, and The Southern Review. He lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan and teaches writing at Grand Valley State University.