C Pirloul

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Pre-amble regarding translation of a Riga Pine

Ecological studies meter and language the translation of sun energy into, within and amongst interrelating
forms of energy. Energy never alters, only its state: frequency/activity/function/form/name.

In healing arts native to Asia, the energetic state of a life-form is understood by pulse-listening.

Sense via touch is translated to sound and image; sound and image are named and described: so the pulse
yields comprehension within the listener.

What/How is Life doing, being, wanting, speaking? HereNow.

These translations involve imagination. Correspondence and resonance form recognition: I know.

Meaning: We.

Can a tree, a season, a place, climate change, be translated to language? A human-like voice?

Rather than anthropomorphize, can the demand of translation translate me? The tree gives me ears?

Does word hold, volley, break down, absorb, assimilate, like a leaf? Language tree translating sun for all
the hungry world—


C Pirloul's poems have recently appeared in Lana Turner (11), Telepoem Booth Santa Fe, Written Here and Volt (24). In collaboration with jazz musicians Mel Graves and George Marsh she’s produced Transplant and Both, poetry sequences performed in San Francisco and the Bay Area. Her lyrics are featured in Janis Maddox’s (in process) chamber opera, Sueños de Medianoche. Holding a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute, C also works in visual arts and installation. She lives outside Santa Fe, New Mexico. www.cpirloul.net.

Latvijan translation in Riga Pine by Dr.Inta Dzelme (1961-2011), psychotherapist, educator, social activist, author and adventurer.

Latvijan pronunciation: Google translate.

The phrase NOW KNOW MYSELF is from Mary (Mariko Ilino) Burmeister (1918-2008), who interpreted for a Western consciousness her translation, from four forms of archaic Japanese, of Jiro Murai's physio-philosophy and hands-on healing art, Jin Shin Jyutsu.