Peter Freund

1 video poem with translation

Acorus Calamus

همانگونه که برای سرگردان. یک بر فراز نهر

این نشان به دو آشتی نامه خدمت می کند

.و پیشتر نرفت سه مرگ رنگباخته آنجا

صورتک داران هید چیدند چهار لعنتی را علیه مان

از پنج های سفیدشان ظاهر شد

صلح بر ما آوردند

،به دفاع خویش برخیزید

آشکار کن شش لعنتی خویش را

.آنان با هفت بال آرام و خواب زده شان

بایدم بنمایم من یک هشت و نشان عشق را

.نشانی از شآن. یک نه پر جلوه


Peter Freund: Original text, picture edit and sound design.

Nasser Rahmaninejad: Farsi translation and recitation.

Peter Freund is an artist and writer, originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, now based in Barcelona, Spain. As an artist, he works in a variety of mediums, ranging from experimental film and video installation to conceptual printmaking and text art. His projects, which have been exhibited internationally, attempt to develop expressive forms for the untranslatable. Currently on a leave of absence from his academic post at Saint Mary's College of California, Peter is now collaborating as a visiting artist with the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona while pursuing curatorial and writing projects throughout Spain.

Nasser Rahmaninejad is an actor, theatre director, and writer, originally from Iran, who now lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area (USA). Beginning his career in the theatre in 1959, Rahmaninejad founded an alternative, independent theatre group, Mehr, in 1966 (later renamed the Iran Theatre Association) in response to the authoritarian cultural policies and harsh censorship of the Shah’s regime. The group worked actively and influentially until 1974 when all members were arrested by the Shah’s secret police. Rahmaninejad was sentenced to twelve years in prison, only to be freed by the 1979 revolution that toppled the Shah’s regime. After resuming his work in the theatre, he also taught, wrote, and lectured on theatre and politics. Later Rahmaninejad emigrated to the USA, where he has continued his work as an actor, writer, and lecturer.