Barbara Tomash

from PRE–


the object pictured is supposed to suggest / not the object pictured / muscular
activity / often blindly arise / rather than a word / their nature and
their source / but not the object pictured / the object pictured / but motivated
by an idea blindly



as when a specific color is felt in one part of the body when another is stimulated : fine silk : a fleshy hollow : a set or table of syllables of lesser sonority : subtle, tricky : to sink in : collapse : in accordance with the rules : in this befallen people of wealth and influence : in this broken having the sepals united : the arrangements of words on the last half of the beat : example : either they or I am wrong

Barbara Tomash is the author of three books of poetry, Arboreal (Apogee, 2014); Flying in Water, which won the 2005 Winnow First Poetry Award; and The Secret of White (Spuyten Duyvil, 2009). Her manuscript PRE- was a finalist for the 2016 Colorado Poetry Prize. She lives in Berkeley, California, and teaches in the Creative Writing Department at San Francisco State University.