Matthew Moore

In Swatchel-Cove

The most opaque
Confers of sufferation.
Guignol, Punch,
Judy, Janey, Jeanne,

Coital tempers are
Broke the fever in
Stifled with accessed
Air, settled by

Mouth, saprophytic
Hucks far what a doll
Cottons to, wagers on,
Pines for,

History, cued music at
Pitch put
To screws,
Notched in bedpans,

Nailed on bedposts.
Bastard, bitte,
You most know
I command you.
Unlikeness, tongue, say
With a tongue of teeth,

Say twice twice.
I am host, too,
To history. Voices are
Most host to me.

Matthew Moore’s work has appeared in and is forthcoming from journals including Kenyon Review Online, Lana Turner: A Journal of Poetry and Opinion, Prelude, and Sonora Review. With the poets Logan Fry and Caroline Gormley, he co-edits the poetry journal Flag + Void.